Top 5 Tech at CES 2015

Here’s a quick round-down of the 5 coolest new tech “toys” chosen by UrAvgConsumer.

best of ces 2015The first one is in their favorite category, headphones!

The world known German headphones brand, Sennheiser has released a new wireless model.

Momentum wireless, it look similar to the old wired model, but you can clearly spot the improvements. The ear pads are bigger and more comfortable, and making them foldable with the new hinge design.

The only problem is the price, at the moment they cost about $500 which is quite expensive even for audiophile headphones.

The next thing is LG G Flex 2 which is the new model of the LG flagship smartphone featuring 5.5 inch OLED curved display which is something never before seen in a cell phone.

Running at 1080p full HD resolution with 2.0Ghz processor and 2-3GB of RAM depending on your region.

The camera has 13MP with laser focus for optimal pictures. The self -healing case is still here and this makes one of the most technologically advanced smartphones on the market right now.

The third cool times comes from the TV department. It’s the super thing Sony LCD TV X900C. It’s a 4K TV with the Sony’s newest X1 processor that transforms regular FHD resolution into stunning 4K.

The television looks great and can act as an art form in any modern apartment or house. You probably won’t see a thinner TV very soon. Just don’t think about the price.

The fourth product is super cool. It’s called Z Board 2. It’s top speed of 20 miles/h it can go for 60 miles and recharges in under 20 minutes is a vast improvement over the first model.

If you like snowboarding or skateboarding this is perfect for you. Traveling in your city will never be more fun, just make sure you get some good protective gear.

The last and fifth coolest item chosen by uravgconsumer is a Razer gaming keyboard. It’s a foldable wireless gaming keyboard that unfolds a small surface for your mouse.

With magnetic surface you don’t have to worry about your mouse slipping of. This is a perfect solution for gamers playing from the couch or bed.

The mouse features 3500 DPI sensor which makes it more than good enough for any games you play. The cool thins is you don’t have to use for PC gaming only. You can connect it to your console or even your smart TV and play some games with a keyboard and mouse. This is a good alternative to your regular TV keyboard.

The price is not known yet, but it probably won’t be too expensive.

This is the top 5 list of coolest tech gadgets. You can watch the video above.